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Prepare For Your Stay

We provide accommodations, meals/snacks, towels, robes, and laundry facilities. Bring plenty of activewear, some comfort attire, and a few casual changes of clothes, along with preferred personal items and toiletries. Wearing layers will help you stay comfortable regardless of the weather. You will definitely need good quality aerobic and hiking shoes.

Forget anything? Visit our on-site gift shop with a curated selection of sundries if you need to purchase additional items while you’re here. 


Recommended Packing List

  • Water Bottle
  • Exercise clothes/activewear
  • Athleisure clothing (casual, comfortable items for stretch classes, meals, evenings)
  • Hiking socks
  • Workout socks
  • Pajamas
  • Swimsuits
  • Jacket and/or sweatshirt
  • Hat or visor
  • Seasonal winter weather apparel (gloves, long pants, winter headband or hat )
  • Rain Jacket
  • Athletic workout shoes
  • Hiking shoes/boots (Be sure not to bring brand new shoes and boots! Broken in shoes will provide a better experience for your feet)
  • Flip-flops
  • Hydration backpack (camelbak)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal toiletries
  • Medications/supplements
  • Bug spray


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to The Ridge?

Many guests drive to The Ridge campus, which has designated parking spaces available. The Ridge is surrounded by several airports, including Washington Dulles, Reagan International, Charlottesville International, and Shenandoah Regional Airports. Guests from the New York Metro area have ridden the train to DC or Charlottesville and followed up with transportation to the resort.  

Can I work while I do the program?

Yes. We have a heavily scheduled day, however, we have options for parts of the day during which you can work as needed. Please give us a call and we can talk over the options with you.   

Will I need a car?

No. The Ridge provides all transportation associated with the program activities and locations. We also have weekly trips with guests to let them pick up things they need from stores locally 

What if I need to cancel?

Reservations changed or canceled within 2 weeks (14 days) of your arrival, your paid balance will be moved to a new reservation date or held on credit in your account to be used within 12 months from the date of cancelation. 

Reservations changed or cancelled within 1 week (7 days) of arrival will be assessed a $300 reschedule fee, after which the remaining balance will be held on credit in your account to be used within the next 12 months of the date of cancelation.   

Reservations changed or canceled within 72 hours of your scheduled arrival, will forfeit 50% of your 1-week payment or 50% of the 1st week of a multiple stay payment. The remaining balance paid will be held on credit in your account to be used within the next 12 months from the date of cancelation.   

The Ridge does not issue refunds. 

What is included in the program?

Your visit to The Ridge at Horizons is all-inclusive of The Ridge designed program, daily guided hikes, daily trainer led fitness classes, delicious and nutritious meals, and lodging on site. Spa services, one-on-one program options, and excursions incur additional costs 

What if my goals are not weight-based?

The Ridge Program is an overall health and wellness program. Our trainers and educators are a great resource for people with any level of experience and wellness focus. This inclusive program provides a healthy environment to jump start, reset, or continue to improve many elements of your overall wellness including but by no means limited to a weight-loss journey. Many guests come to get an extra boost over plateaus they have been experiencing in their physical fitness, spend time away to check in with themselves on mental and emotional wellness, and to find peer support in revamping their dietary intake among other motivators. We encourage guests to be honest with these motives with our relevant team members so they can help to underscore the most important elements of the program for your goals. 

Can I send things for my stay to The Ridge?

Yes. Items may be shipped directly to the Ridge within 4 weeks of your stay. 

Please address items as follows 

The Ridge at Horizons 

Guest: Your Name  

314 Cornerstone Lane 

Harrisonburg, VA 22802 



What should I pack?

There is a complete packing list on the website. There is a complimentary washer and dryer also. In the guest housing for your use as needed.   

How long do I need to stay at the resort to see progress?

Guests needing a reset are very successful with a 1 week stay If you are just starting back on a fitness program or if your intention is to lose weight it is preferable to stay 2 or more weeks to allow time to get a great plan into place to continue your progress at home.